Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Cover to my soon-to-be Released Suspense/Thriller OUT OF SYNC

Well, you are the first to see the cover for my upcoming, and first, adult suspense/thriller novella, OUT OF SYNC.

The exact release date hasn't been set yet but we're geared for the end of this month. This is very different from my other stuff so don't be warned. By this I don't mean there are graphic love scenes (in fact, there are NONE), but there is a bit of violence and some cursing. This isn't geared for younger readers. Those of you who are more interested in my YA work won't have to wait too long as I have a YA suspense coming out late summer.

From now until release day, I'll be sharing snippets from the book and other surprises. If you are interested in reviewing the book, let me know and I'll arrange to have a .pdf copy sent to you once final edits have been made.

Thanks for sharing this exciting time with me. This book has been in the works for a couple of years now (shelved, dusted off, edited, shelved, etc.) and it's finally a reality.

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