Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sweet Saturday Samples: Ready for More From JUST SHUT UP AND DRIVE?

Well, HI THERE! Welcome to another Sweet Saturday Sample segment. I'm so happy to see you here.

Well, I'm getting more excited about this story and you are all helping inspire me to keep writing it so...thank you. If not for the positive response I'd gotten with Undertow (now called Dark Water), it would never have gotten written. I love feedback and positive criticism.

Okay, this week, we're picking up where we left off last week. Gramps and Wil are still in the church just about to leave when Wil stops to do something. Ready to find out what it is?


Gramps turned and waited in the middle of the aisle as Wil lumbered over to the candle table. He lifted his eyes to the Crucifix hanging on the wall above the candles. The smoke snaking up past Christ’s face seemed to emphasize the anguished expression on his face. Wil fought the urge to turn back around. He pulled his right hand out of his jean pocket and picked up one of the long matches from the pile. He held it over the flame of the candle closest to him and after a second, the end of the match sparked.
He moved his hand over to a thick, white candle that looked like it had never been lit and touched the match to its wick. Once a small yellowish-orange glow grew, he pulled the match out and blew it out. Then he shoved his hand back into his pocket and stepped back from the table.
Take care, Gran, he thought. Maybe I’ll come back to visit again soon too.
He walked backwards towards the aisle between the pews where Gramps waited, keeping his eyes on the Crucifix. The smoke from the candle he lit weaved its way up to Christ’s feet. A warm wave spread from the pit of his stomach out to the rest of his torso—not unlike the sensation of drinking hot soup on a cold day. Then he turned to face Gramps.
The two men locked eyes. A smile tugged up the corner of Wil’s mouth then he nodded. Gramps nodded, then led the way out of the church. Wil pointed the car starter and pushed the button, unlocking the doors and turning on the engine.
They each got in, buckled up and Wil pulled out of the parking lot. When they got back up to the highway, Wil leaned over the steering wheel. Both men stared out the windshield.
“Where to next?” Wil said.
“Portage. We’ll stop there for lunch.”
“You’re the boss.”
As Wil turned onto the highway, Gramps leaned over and switched the radio on. He flipped through the stations until the sounds of early jazz filled the car then he slumped back into his seat. After ten minutes of crooning, trumpet playing and big band, Wil broke the silence.
Keeping his eyes forward, Gramps reached over and squeezed Wil’s knee, patted it twice then curled up against his window.
“We should be in Portage La Prairie in about an hour,” Wil said, but from the soft snoring coming from Gramps side of the car, he guessed the old man didn’t hear him.
The yellow divider lines disappearing under the front of the car were almost hypnotizing. The early afternoon sun shone right in his face. He pulled the visor down then leaned back into his seat.
I wonder what Gramps has waiting for me at the next stop, he thought. He had a feeling that Gran’s grave wasn’t the only thing he was supposed to see on their trip. But he was ready for whatever was up Gramps’ sleeve.
I hope.

Thanks so much again for joining us here for another Sweet Saturday Sample. I hope you'll come back again. I have a HUGE adventure in store for these two men and I'm hoping you'll enjoy it. OH! And do be sure to visit the other wonderful snippets this week HERE. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


  1. This is such a cool story. Like Wil, I'm wondering what Gramps has planned. Keep on writing!

    1. Aw! THANK you, Sandy. That means the world to me. I'll keep writing, don't you worry. I have a really interesting twist in the plot. I just hope it's believable. LOL! ;D

  2. I'm really enjoying this excerpts and would love to read the full story when it's in print. It's nice to find other people writing male-POV YA (though mine is historical YA and not contemporary). The first paragraphs reminded me of all the light candles in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which sadly I was unable to photograph because I was out of room on my camera and didn't had the chance to get a new memory card for another day or two. It was a beautiful sight, though.

    1. Hi Carrie-Anne. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far. And I agree with you that there needs to be more positive male-POV YA books. =)

      WOW! I would have loved to have seen that picture of the candles. It must have been just beautiful. =)

      Thanks for your comment.


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