Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reasons Your Novel Manuscript Might Be Getting Rejections

You've written a fantastic story. You've edited and re-edited until you're cross-eyed. You've gotten a writing mentor or another experienced critic to give your manuscript the old eagle eyes scan. So why the heck does your story keep getting rejected?

I've been there too and it can be so frustrating. I have several lists of what 'To Do' to have my manuscript get a second look but there weren't many 'Don't Do' lists. I had to figure out most stuff through trial and error so this would have been helpful.

Former Acquisitions Editor for Random House, Chris Pavone, shares his list of six reasons why editors will reject you. He has some great points and thought I'd share them with you. Click HERE to be taken to his article on the Writers Digest website. Christ has inspired me to create my own list from what I've learned. It'll be interesting to see what transpires.

OH! And Chris says that he'll give a copy of his novel The Expats if you leave a comment.


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