Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Writing On Through The Tough Stuff

This has been one of the most emotionally crazy summers I've had since I was in my 20's (Oopsys! I forgot. I'm still in them. LOL!)

In many ways, I've had a wonderful time with my kids. We've gone on field trips, had new experiences, laughed like crazy and created many wonderful memories. In other ways, I've had a life experience thrown at me that has drained me of my energy and focus. I can't talk about it's still in the 'going through' stage. What I can tell you is that I'm getting myself through it the same way I have since I was a young girl: writing.
Writing isn't just a hobby for me or something I 'just do'. And even though it sort of is my 'job', it means so much more to me. For me, writing is therapeutic. It always has been. It helps me relax and tune out the world around me for a little while. It helps me re-focus. It gives me a healthy way to work through life's hurdles, without causing damage to my body and mind. And whether I'm writing an article or a chapter in one of my many works-in-progress, it reminds me that no matter how badly life can beat me up some days, I have this one awesome thing I can do. It gives me a way to stay connected to who I am so I don't lose myself amid all the crap. That's a very powerful thing, especially right now.

It's just like I tried showing through Freesia in DARK WATER and Payton in BLACKBIRD FLIES, you can go through the crappiest stuff--and we have that stuff--yet still come out of it okay as long as you have that one person who believes in you and you remember to turn to positive creative distractions to steer you through.

Just make sure that you never stop believing in you. That's essential. And never stop writing...even through the tough stuff.

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