Thursday, September 6, 2012

Want to Know More About BLACKBIRD FLIES?

Today I'm over at Joselyn Vaughn's amazing blog. I'm very excited about this visit because the spotlight is being shone on my very first young adult novella, BLACKBIRD FLIES.

It's a contemporary, coming-of-age book revolved around a fifteen-year old young man named Payton MacGregor. The story, although dark and touching on some tough issues (eg: bipolar disorder, drug abuse, teen suicide, etc.), is a good one and one I think many teens can relate to.

Payton shows how teens can face some really high hurdles but be able to make good choices, no matter what the pressures are. He is a musical progidy who turns to his talents...his gift...rather than becoming a statistic. He shows us that you can be surrounded with chaos and negativity but still turn out okay by reaching out to that one positive light that keeps you moving forward, and having that one amazing person behind you to guide you in that direction. And I truly hope that message is felt by anyone who reads it.

So, please, stop on by Joselyn's blog when you have a chance and 'meet' Payton, his family and his love interest Lily.


  1. This sounds like a fascinating book, Chynna. I also look at teen suicide and its effects in Jigsaw Pieces. It's a difficult area, but one that we, as writers, need to bring into the open. Congrats for tackling it.

    1. Hi Carol! Thanks so much for your comment. I agree with you about looking at teen suicide and its effects in jigsaw pieces. There are so many different things to look at in order to understand why it happens and how these young people get into that mindset. Understanding is the first step, and that's why I try putting these issues in my books. It's easier to digest that way. ;)

      Hope to 'see' you again soon!


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