Monday, October 1, 2012

Sensory Awareness Month Book Giveaway: Week One ~ I'm Not Weird I Have SPD (2nd Edition)

Welcome to week one of our month-long focus on raising awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and other sensory issues. I'm so happy you chose to join us.

As mentioned in a post last week, every week in October I'll be shining the spotlight on one of four of my books that deal with SPD. I have two children that live with this misunderstood disorder so I do all I can to educate through my writing. And, hey! Educating through entertaining is awesome.

This week's book is I'm Not Weird, I Have SPD. This award-winning book is all about a young girl named Alexandra who shows us not only how SPD 'feels', but also how if a child is given the right tools she can cope in the world right alongside her peers.

This was the first book I published, and it was actually not something I had any intention of letting the entire world see. I initially wrote it to be used as a communication tool for my daughter, Jaimie (her middle name is 'Alexandra'). I wrote it to teach others about SPD, but also to give her a tool to talk to others through. When she was very young, she was so affected by her SPD that she couldn't deal with many of the things we take for granted like hugs, making friends or even being able to hold a pencil properly. People often misunderstood her reactions, and other children either made fun of her or were scared of her. This book helped give a voice to what she was going through. We gave a copy to all of her classmates in Kindy, her teacher and her school library. Because of Jaimie, her school and our community have a greater understanding and tolerance for 'hidden' disorders, like SPD.

The new edition has a bright, beautiful new cover, a few extra pages discussing sensory systems not often thought of (eg: vestibular and proprioception) and excerpts from an interview I did with the incredible Dr. Lucy Jane Miller.

All this week, we'll talk about this book, share excerpts and other little surprises. If you'd like the chance to win autographed, paperback copy of I'm Not Weird, I Have SPD, all you need to do is (a) follow this blog and (b) leave a comment on THIS post (even though I'll be doing other posts about this book this week, you need to leave your comment here.) Be sure to leave an email addy where I can contact you if you win. You'll have until Sunday, October 7th to enter.


  1. I found your book online the other day while I was looking for Sensory Awareness Month inspiration. I LOVE the name - it basically sums up my entire life thus far :) I was diagnosed in 2010, at age 27, with SPD. I've spent the past two years catching up - learning and implementing a sensory diet, and helping to spread the word about SPD. I can only imagine there are a whole lot of other undiagnosed/misdiagnosed adults out there. I would love a copy of this book!

  2. Rachel, I'm so glad you found us. Thank you for sharing your story here. You have alot to teach others. If you'd ever be interested in sharing more, I'd love to have you guest post on my SPD blog, 'The Gift'. Let me know.

    Good luck on the book!

    Chynna <3

  3. I have a grandson with autism and I follow a couple of blogs about autism, but don't know much about SPD. My grandson's doctors have never specifically mentioned it, but I would like to learn more.


  4. Hi Sherry! Thanks for commenting. =)

    Many children with autism also have sensory issues or SPD. By the very nature of their disorder, they tend to be alot more sensitive to noise, touch and other stimuli.

    I admire that you are wanting to learn more about your grandson's condition. That's awesome. You are now entered to win I'm Not Weird, I Have SPD. Good luck!

  5. I'm hoping this comment goes through as its the third time I'm trying to comment! I am a single mom to a 5 year old sensory kiddo who is always on the lookout for new sensory resources! I look forward to exploring your site!


    1. Jen I am so sorry Blogger was giving you hard time. If it's any concilation, it happens to me ALL the time. So frustrating!

      I'm so glad your post finally got up and consider yourself entered. =)))



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