Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Writing Samples: A Tiny Snippet From Still Water

Okay. You've asked for it, you got it! I've had several people contact me and ask when I'll have the next book after Dark Water out. Now that it is with a new 'home', I can resume working on the rest of the series.

Today, I am going to share a few paragraphs from the sequel to Dark Water that I have titled 'Still Water'. I'm not going to give too much away but the main character is blind. ;)

I truly hope you enjoy this Saturday snippet. Your input, as always, is welcomed.


May 2011

She is out on her nightly walk, tapping her cane in front of her every few steps so she isn’t surprised by a protruding tree root or animal droppings. The woods surrounding West Hawk Lake smell delicious that time of year as the spring thaw breathes life back into the vegetation.
As she hits her cane on the fallen pine tree marking the halfway point on the path, she turns to go back. Suddenly, she hears heavy footsteps somewhere in the distance in front of her. She stops. Listens. The footsteps stop too.
She taps her cane around in front of her, then moves forward. After only a few steps, she hears the stomping again. They are closer now, and to her left. She stops again, listening. With each step, there’s a faint squeaking noise from the motion of rubber-soled shoes sliding against the wet vegetation. They stop again.
Her heart thumps against her ribs. Trying to keep her other senses about her, she focuses on the lake sloshing up against the shore to her right and the crickets chirping ahead of her. She scrapes her cane slowly from one side of her all around in front of her feet, then over to her other side.
Nothing unfamiliar.
A branch snaps to her left, then the brush rustles.
“Hello? Is someone out there?” She’s answered by the crickets’ conversation.
She swallows hard and takes a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves. As she taps her cane on the path and steps forward, it’s ripped from her hands. Adrenaline explodes in her stomach as panic overtakes her. Without her only form of eyes, she is lost. Vulnerable.

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