Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Beating January Blues

January can be a super tough time for many people. We're trying to recover from the costly Christmas expenses, we miss family and friends we only get to see around that time and, well, it's just dang cold! But January has always been a happier time for me, even with money struggles and what not, because it is my daughter, Jaimie's birthday month.

Don't get me wrong. I get down too. I mean, geez! Who likes to have to worry about all those bills we racked up over Christmas (unless you're one of those SMART people who only use cash! lol). But Jaimie brings a special happiness, for me anyways, into the month of January.

Most of you out there know about Jaimie's early struggles. There was a time when this girl had to be FORCED to leave the house because she just couldn't stand what the outside world had in store for her. The sensory issues she faced bombarded her daily with such force, she shut completely down. Just look at her now? I've never seen a child with more confidence and self-love. She is an inspiration.'s your writing prompt for today: Write about what picks you up when the world is down.

There ya go. Have fun and let me know how you do!

Happy Writing! <3

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