Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Good bye to 2015...

Today is normally a day when we highlight other authors and professionals in the field but today...I want to do a 'Top Ten' tribute to my favourite highlights of 2015, in celebration of New Year's.


Here we go...

(And this is in no real particular order).

10. My oldest's 12th birthday: As many of you know, Jaimie has faced many challenges in her life. The fact that she got to her 12th bday and was so happy, playing with friends and enjoying herself, was such an amazing thing.

9. Jordy facing her self-conscious fears and learning to love who she is.

My Bonus Dad
8. Knowing my Bonus Dad is finally resting in peace after many months of pain.

7. Getting to take my Soph to see her Ringo.

6. Going to Mexico with my SIL and BFF.

5. Being able to introduce my children to their Grammy and Grampy in Nova Scotia. (What an amazing trip!)

4. Jaimie starting Junior High (::sniff::)

3. Staying at Fantasyland Hotel and going to the WaterPark as a family, and staying in a Jungle Theme room.

2. Going to Jasper for a romantic road trip for two with my love.

1. Getting married (something I thought I'd NEVER do).

What are your highlights for the year? Think of them, be grateful for them, embrace them and treasure them.

Happy 2016.

Just after Ryan and I said our vows. <3

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