Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Talk About It Tuesday: Chynna's Top Three "Self's"

There are many 'selfs' we deal with in our lives. These are the things that shape who we are, how we react to things and guide us in what we do in our daily lives. We may not always understand them, and can often be sidetracked by other things, but our 'selfs' are very important.

Today, we are going to talk about the three 'selfs' I hold most dear: self-motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. Many of us don't realize how very closely these are related, but they are. When one is out of balance, they all get knocked out of whack.

Let's talk about them.

Self-motivation: This stems from what makes you keep moving forward in life. It's important because without motivation, we stand still. Other things will take over and make us stay stagnant. One cannot allow that to happen. Listen to what motivates you and always move forward. NEVER allow someone to take away what moves you to where you want to be.

Self-confidence: This stems from believing in who you are and what you can do. It isn't something you're born with. It has to be instilled, nurtured and grown from birth. When you have others in your life who pick away at it, it deteriorates. NEVER allow that to happen. No matter how difficult a front may seem that you have to face, there is a reason. Face it with courage, strength and the resilience you have to make something happen.

Self-esteem: To me, this is the most important 'self'....the one that creates the base for all others. This is your belief in your whole being. It gives life to everything you do. We all go through times in life when we doubt ourselves and why we are here. But you are here for a reason. If you don't believe in your existence and why and what you are here for, your self platform will fall apart. NEVER allow someone to take this away from you. This is your heart...your And it is a very difficult thing to rebuild. Hold on to this with all you have.

Trust me when I say, I have had all of my 'selfs' beaten to death. But I refuse to allow others to take them away. If I do, I won't be here anymore.

The same holds true for all of you.

Hold on to your 'selfs'. Be who you are supposed to be no matter what the odds are, no matter what others try to tell you or how they try to make you feel.

Be your 'self'.

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