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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Talk About It Tuesday: Letting Go

Well, we missed our Monday post so I'm combining both Monday's music theme with today's Talk About It theme.

Those who have followed us for awhile know what we have gone through to make my Jaimie's life better. It is still a daily struggle but she is so much stronger than she was. She just left on a three-day ski trip. Part of my heart hurt watching her go, but most of it was so proud to see her go.

This is a girl who was afraid to leave the house. She couldn't get her body to work the way she wanted it to (and still does struggle with that). She was a girl who went through YEARS of therapy just to be able to tolerate and relate to other people, including her own family. She avoided all of the normal things kids love like swinging, going down a slide, playing in the sand...just being a kid. She had night terrors so bad that I had to tackle her from having to run out the front door or hurt anyone else...or herself.

And she is on a ski trip.

Music has always been a way to reach her. I used to sing this song to her everyday. It seemed to calm her. She even even had her favourite 'Paul' (thank you Jody) and had the Macca himself, sing it to her. Even to this day, whenever she's having a bad day she will still turn to music for comfort. It's not always the Beatles as much now, but she still holds this song close to her heart.

Today, I dedicate this song, and this post, to my Jaimie. She may not need me the way she used to, but I know I did all I could do to make her who she's become. She is strong enough now that I can let go.

A little bit at a time.

And I am so proud of her.

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