Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Inner Calm

Inner calmness.

It can be a difficult thing to achieve at times, especially when the world throws us curve balls to deal with occasionally.

What you have to remember is that no matter what goes on around us, it is important to maintain that connection to who we are...our inner calmness...in order to have the strength to keep moving forward. Yes, it does sound a bit 'fortune cookie' like but it's true. We can't have the energy to be who we're supposed to be if we are allowing the negative energy around us to guide us.

Inner calmness.

I am a girl deeply connected to the water element. I was that kid who sat on a dock surrounded by water, just listening to the water ebbing up to the shore. I can sit in front of a waterfall for hours, just absorbing myself in the sound of water running down the rocks and pooling into the lake below. I have always found it calming. Even when I couldn't be around these things, I'd go into the bathtub, submerging myself in the water.

What is your inner calmness? What brings you back? What calms you?

Write about that today.

Happy Writing!

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