Monday, April 11, 2016

Chynna's Kids Speak: Celebrating National Sibling Day!

Me and my four babies. I have always encouraged closeness
among them.
Well, this is going to post a little later than we'd hoped, but we're still going to put it up.

Sunday was National Sibling Day. I never knew this day existed until recently. I wish I had.

I am the oldest of six, and even though we aren't all from the same parents, we are close...or try to be. Distance causes some issues with staying close but still...we always have stuck up for each other.

This picture on the left means the world to me. Since my kids have been very young, I have encouraged them all to stand strong and stand up for one another. I mean...what if something happened to me and/or their dad? They'd be all they have. THAT is important.

And even Jaimie, who refuses to acknowledge any of us these days, will go to bat for her younger siblings.

So I thought in tribute to Sibling Day, I would get each of my kids to give their thoughts (be prepared) about one another.



JORDY: My feelings about my siblings, are that they can all have their bad (and annoying) moments, but they are mostly:

Jaimie: Tough, very smart, honest (sometimes brutally), and caring.
Xander: Active, funny, strong, sensitive, and friendly.
Sophie: Powerful, stubborn, has lots of energy, happy, and nimble.

XANDER: My feelings about my siblings:
Jaimie: Smart, sarcastic (she can funny when she's sarcastic)
Jordy: Smart, funny, protective, acts like she's the boss, really active, tough.
Sophie: She's really annoying but she makes me laugh. She's weird, but I love her.

SOPHIE: My feelings about my siblings:
Jaimie: She is protective and grouchy but I still love her.
Jordy: She is nice but, sometimes, can sometimes be mean. She yells at me but I think it's because she's trying to make me be good.
Xander: He makes me mad sometimes but he is protective of me and I love him.

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