Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Writing Prompt Wednesday: Family


My sense of family is very different than other people's because of how I was raised.

I didn't have the typical white-picket fence and Beaver Cleaver type of lifestyle. As many of you know, it was often shrouded in anger and violence, but I was surrounded by love by special people who taught me the values of life.

These values come from those who care and reach out. You don't have to be blood related to someone to feel these things. Family are those people who love, care, nurture and give those things unconditionally. They never ask for anything in return, they simply do because they can and because they care. I have had a handful of folks who have given those gifts to me and who have made me who I am today.

I am not perfect. No one is. But we become who we are by who we surround ourselves with.

I won't allow anyone to make me, or my kids, feel less than who they are. I won't allow anyone to degrade me or abuse me (or my kids) in any way. I will never allow anyone to take from me what I've worked so hard to create. I won't back down against anyone who tries to take those things from me, no matter what I have to do. And you should all do the same.


This is our writing prompt today.

Happy writing.


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