Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Talk About It Tuesday: Crutches


From a psychological stand point, it refers to actions or things that you turn to as a coping method. Some are more harmful than others, obviously. And more addictive.

For some of us, it's spending. For others it's video games or cell phone time. For others it can be darker like eating disorders, drinking, drugs or hurting ourselves in other ways. In the short term, turning to some sort of crutch can be comforting, but you know what? In the long term, it takes a toll.

It takes a toll on health.

It takes a toll on family.

It takes a toll on mental health.

It takes a toll on how you feel and view the world.

It takes a toll on relationships.

It takes a toll on the things that mean most to you.

I have my own crutches. I am aware of them. I control them or they start to control me, and THAT is what you need to do. The key is to turn to more positive ways to cope because those crutches are very strong and powerful. But YOU are more powerful than they are.

When they call to you, go for a walk. Write. Listen to music. Go in your garden, Do yoga. Meditate. Do a positive, calming action to counteract the negative.

I do it every day.


It's time to put them down.


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