Friday, June 3, 2016

Food For Thought Friday: Ben Miller Band - Scott Leeper

As you all know, we usually share recipe and foodie ideas on Fridays but today, I have a very special treat.

Back in last fall, I bought George Thorogood tickets for my husband's Birthday for here in Edmonton, We finally got to see him a few weeks ago and all I can say need to see his show at least once. What made it even more awesome was their opening band, a hill country blues band called, "The Ben Miller Band".

I've only been blown away by a few bands in my life, and this one is right in there. Not only did I love their sound, and their obvious passion for the music, they were the laid-back band I love to connect with. Plus their fiddler was in the top three I've ever seen (and she had beautiful hair. lol).

We are going to be featuring an interview on Monday's Music Mantra with Ben Miller, but in light of the other founding members, Scott Leeper, and his passion for gardening, I figured he fit right in with our theme for today. Plus, it is a fantastic way to introduce this band.

PLEASE see them if they come to a town/city near you. You will never forget them.

I haven't.

And I'll see them again when I can.

Enjoy 'meeting' Scott. OH! And check out one of my fave songs by them HERE. My kids actually created a jig/square dance they have forced me to learn as well every time we listen to it. :| Ah well. It's all in the love of music, right?

My older brother and sister played guitar and bass. As a kid I would "keep time" on the drum kit as they practiced. By age ten our family band, "The Leepers", were performing in bars.  I was in various bands and met Ben about 13 years ago.  I had a one man blues act and so did he. We heard each other play one night and have been playing music together ever since.
Ben and I were both influenced by Bob Dylan and the hill country blues of Mississippi.

We met Bob and Rachel (fellow country blues lovers) about seven years ago, had jammed and become friends. Recently we were fortunate to have them team up with us. The sound is a blend of all our talents layered on top of Ben's unique and interesting writing. We are working towards further incorporating the massive vocal and writing abilities of Rachel and Bob. Can't wait to get in the studio with them.

About four years ago we went from being a regional band to an international touring band. Life on the road has been more difficult than I had imagined it would be. The physical and mental toll from traveling so much is considerable.

When we get time at home I enjoy hanging out with my wife, Joy, and I try to visit my mother and my grand boys. I also work in my vegetable garden, and then rest from working too hard in the garden.


Thank you so much, Scott. Enjoy your time with your family. I truly appreciated meeting you guys when you were here and I feel that you will be a huge success. (And I am jealous of your garden, by the way. lol)

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