Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Writing Prompt ~ Mountains

Well, it would seem that I accidentally switched our writing prompt day with our sharing day. OOPS!! Oh well, things will go back to normal next week.

I think my three favorite nature thing are forests, waterfalls and mountains. All three are mysterious, yet calming. I have always felt calmness from the sound of water. To this day, if I've had  really tough time, I find somewhere where there is moving water of some kind, sit beside it and just close my eyes and drift away. When I was younger, we'd go to my grandfather's cabin every summer. Our cabin was surrounded by forest, and you could always walk down the roads to find other paths. Mountains, though, I never had much access too living in a prairie province. It wasn't until I moved to Alberta that I was finally able to indulge myself in these beautiful majestic forms.

If I was in a boat on the lake in today's featured picture, I would lay down and just stare up at the mountains. I could seriously do that for hours.

Write a piece about mountains, or some other form of nature that draws you to it.

Feel free to share your creations!

Happy writing.

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