Saturday, April 8, 2017

Writing Prompt - Dream Vacation

How gorgeous is this place? I mean, I would probably sit there for hours and just watch. I might wake up in the middle of the night out of fear that the glass would give out and I'd drown, but that stems from movies I've seen.

My dream vacation actually involves mountains and waterfalls, but this would be a very close second. I love the water and all the beautiful life it holds. To me, there is nothing more calming that sitting in front of a stream, lake or waterfall, closing my eyes and simply listening to the water flow, ebb and ripple as no other force can.

For today's writing prompt, let's write our thoughts about where the perfect vacation place would be. Where would you go? Warm or cold? Who would you take with you to make it 'perfect'?

With all the chaos going on around us right now, it would be great to just take ourselves away to that spot and heal, meditate or just dream.

Have fun!

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