Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Music Mantra: Van Morrison's Brown eyed Girl

Sorry that our Music Mantra is on a Monday but we've had alot going on around here and I've been having a few technical difficulties.

Yay, technology.

For this week's Music Mantra, we've handed it over to Jaimie, as she does such a great job. She has chosen to review Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl, which I love. It reminds me so much of my close friend, Colleen.

Please enjoy and feel free to leave your comments. We love comments.

Happy Listening!

Nos·tal·gia- a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.”

In the seventeenth century, mercenaries from Switzerland were forbidden from listening to traditional Swiss music in fear they might experience fatigue or/and commit suicide on their long journeys. Today, we know that these mercenaries were probably feeling nostalgic when listening to these oh-so-familiar tunes, which made them miss home and maybe even become depressed.

Nostalgia goes hand-in-hand with music. Thankfully, it seems to make a lot of us more happy than the seventeenth century Swiss to hear an old song tied to joyful memories. Maybe it’s because our parents used to play it for us all the time back in the day. Or maybe the lyrics are tied to a certain era you miss. On the sadder end, maybe it you and your ex-partner’s song that played on the first dance of your wedding.

Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” would be my Swedish traditional tune. Although I didn’t grow up in the sixties myself, some aspects of the era present in this song makes me wish I could fall in love during that era. The lyrics, “Making love in the green grass, behind the stadium with you” definitely won me over. Whenever the song plays, I’m also reminded of a music festival I went to last Summer, which is a memory I hold dear.

I’ll let you go with a question- what song makes you nostalgic? What kind of memories are tied to it?

“Hey, where did we go, days when the rains came?”

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