Monday, February 19, 2018

Music Mantra Monday: Celebrating Family Day with Adele (Sweetest Devotion)

I adore Adele. Many people would probably argue with me on that but she is a true talent. There are not many female singers out there that I have a lot of respect for these days but Adele has never disappointed.

Not only does she have a voice that can knock you on your butt, her attitude (as 'in-your-face' it can be at times) is what drew me to her. She writes her own songs, sings them how she chooses, offers a message in each one and isn't afraid to express her thoughts, views and opinions. On top of all of this, she is a mum.

Now, those who have followed us for a while know what my kids mean to me. They completely changed my life, how I view it and changed my focus to what is truly important. Each of them have brought their own uniqueness into our house and each teach me something new - both about the world as well as myself - every single day. Life is a blessing, no matter what hard times we face and our children are reminders of that.

I came across this song while I was reviewing different ideas to share on Family Day today. Adele is singing from her heart and soul about her love for her child and how that little beauty brought so much more meaning into her life.

I can so relate.

So for my fellow Canadians out there celebrating this Family Day, treasure the days you have with your babies...even on the most trying days. They truly are gifts that help make the world just a little happier, brighter and more meaningful.

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