Saturday, February 10, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday: Compassion

Compassion is the ability to feel for another person and what they may be experiencing at a given time. It is different from pity, which is basically just feeling sorry for someone.

Those who feel compassion may not understand completely what the other person is experiencing, but they 'get' that the other person simply needs someone else just be there.

Life is a very difficult journey - it wasn't created to be easy. Otherwise, how would we learn how to cope in today's world? Good times help to give us hope to get through the bad, while bad times help to make us stronger. However, there is always an event or two that exceeds the level of inner strength we possess and that is when those with compassion seem to come out of nowhere to do what they can.

They see someone in need and even if it is a friendly face or voice, the touch of a hand or getting right in there to help set things right, these amazing human beings are sprinkled among us and make a true difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

Trust me, there are many people going through hard times but are either too proud or too scared to ask for help and guidance. Or, worse still, perhaps they don't even have a person to turn to. Extending compassion to another not only helps the person being reached out to, it gives us something to turn to when bad times waft our way.

Today, our writing prompt is to write about someone who has showed you compassion, even in a small way...even if the hand that reached out was anonymous. It matters. Write in your journal, blog about it or write a letter.


We need more of it in our world.

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