Thursday, August 30, 2018

In the Spotlight - Book Review for Marital Advice To My Grandson, Joel

We don't usually do book reviews for our 'In The Spotlight' segment, but we are making an exception in this case as it truly is a must-read.

I have a huge weakness for books where there is a strong grandparent figure. The person may not be a main character, but their presence is felt throughout the story. They are always there to be a pillar of strength, offer sound advice from their own years of experiences and offer unconditional love that can't be found through anyone or anything else. And the weakness deepens when a dash of humor is added. This is what you'll find in the book, 'Marital Advice To My Grandson, Joel'.

This is no regular book. It isn't an adult fiction, a memoir or a clinical book from an expert. It is simply a grandfather giving his grandson invaluable advice on how to keep a marriage humming along, despite many hurdles that may pop up along the way. It was refreshing to read something so different from other popular genres out there right now.

He goes over everything from knowing what to say when, to household chores to preventing possible arguments, even the etiquette of farting (I laughed out loud to this chapter). He constantly reminds Joel that he is a 'work in progress', not perfect by any mean of the stretch. Peter is giving Joel the tools he needs, through knowledge and experience, to go from that 'work in progress' to the man all other husbands/husbands-to-be should be envious of.

What I loved about this book, and drew me in completely, is that it reminded me a lot of my own grandfather. Peter tells is like it is, right from the hip, no holding back and with a perfect mix of humor (I guess guys seem to take this level of advice better when it's given in a more humorous way). And he has a true understanding of how to make a long-term relationship last, and he should know being with the same wonderful woman for many years.

I think this is a book that every woman in a serious relationship or thinking about getting married should read, if not to say, "See? It's not just me!" Without question, every guy out there thinking they know women really well and it'll be smooth sailing, should have this book on their nightstand. The rest of us should just read it simply because it is funny, heartfelt (when he's sharing past situations with Grandma) and real.

Thank you, Peter, for giving me the chance to read your book. I enjoyed it very much and will definitely recommend it to others.

I plan on making my husband read it too. 😉

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