Monday, August 27, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ Beautiful, Creepy Love Songs

Every band that exists has written at least one slow song. It doesn't matter if the genre is rock, country (well...DUH!), metal, punk or somewhere in between, they've all slowed things down once.

I have a few favorites that I've loved over the last few decades. I sang along to them, sometimes getting teary-eyed as memories from hearing the song came to the surface. Then I finally got around to reading the lyrics, really paying attention to the words, and think, ""

One song in particular was Every Breath You Take by the Police. Now, I loved that band (Sting is awesome!), but when I was told that song was about a person's stalker-like obsession with someone else, I felt compelled to have a peek at the written lyrics. All I can say is...yikes! It doesn't change how I feel about the song, I just never put two and two together. Today I just sit and listen to it, singing along, and try to block the true meaning behind it.

Let's be honest, here. We all have one song that brings back such powerful memories that we choose to ignore the hidden meaning behind the words. I mean, this is a girl whose #1 favorite classical arrangement is Mozart's Requiem (for those not totally aware of classical, this is a song for the dead). But who cares! I think it's one of the most brilliantly composed pieces of music I've ever heard, or had the pleasure of performing in a choir.

There you go. Feel free to share some of your own votes of the best beautiful, creepy love songs. I'll best you'll be surprised with what you discover.

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