Monday, August 20, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ Crying With Roy Orbison

Usually when I post a song, it has some significance to stuff going on in my life. Today, I simply wanted to put this up because it's been in my head a lot for the last few weeks.

I'm a sucker for artists who have gone through horrendous tragedy in their lives on one level or another but have always had the ability to pull themselves back up and move forward. Yes, some of their experiences probably occurred due to poor choices and decisions they made at one point. Yes, some tragedy probably happened because of things they did to themselves, which had a trickle effect on everything else surrounding them. But, seriously. Haven't we all been there at some point?

The one thing that I truly admire about artists like Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, John Lennon and even Elvis, is that, in the end, they all turned to that one amazing gift in their lives that God gave them: Music.

I mean, just listen to Roy's voice, for example. This man suffered a tremendous amount of loss in his life but he never gave up and he created music that we still remember today. My kids even know who Roy, Johnny, John (DUH!) and Elvis are, which means they are all legacies in their own right. Their music has lived on long after they left us. And even through the lowest of lows they all hit, there was music.

Maybe there is a message is there that we should all take to heart. Life may deal you a bunch of crap forehead high, whether you created that pile or not, but turning to that one positive thing that's always right there does more than help pull you to the path to get around that pile. You also inspire others to do the same.

I personally think if we all did that, never let go of what keeps us afloat, there would be a lot less unhappiness in the world.

It's probably a 'pipe dream' to many. To me, it's hope.

Happy Monday!

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