Thursday, September 13, 2018

In The Spotlight ~ Top Websites For Suicidal Prevention

Usually for today's segment, we focus on one person, charity or group who is making a true difference in their community. Today, however, in keeping with our support for Suicide Prevention Week, we are going to share resources from various individuals and groups to offer some ray of hope to those who may be searching for help.

Seeking help on any level is a very personal thing because you want to be heard, respected, and be given solid guidance. In this state of mind, you don't want another person who has never walked in your shoes telling you how they think you should do things. You need someone willing to hear your concerns and issues, how you've been coping to that point then making every effort to understand your comfort zones about treatments.

For example, some people do well in a group therapy session, whereas others feel better in a one-on-one scenario. Then there are things such as questions about medication, where you can go when you are going through issues and don't have access to a regular therapist, etc. All of these things are individual to the person going through, and dealing with, their specific struggle.

The following are several links to sites I came across or have been shared with me. I'm not here to advise one place over the other as, like I mentioned above, it is a personal choice that only the individual can make (unless, of course, the person is at a point where they are incapable of making the initial choice themselves) and where they'd feel most comfortable. All of these have a 24/7 suicide line to access as well.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. There are thousands of places to reach out to. However, these ones have local, national and international affiliates and connections to be there for anyone, anywhere.

Be well, and good luck.

Youth Beyond Blue ~ I was given this link by an editor friend I worked with. This wonderful place is located in Australia but the website offers a wonderful variety of resources and guidance. In addition to the 24/7 help line, they also have a live chat option as well as being able to email, if you have access to such things. They deal with and help everyone - young, elderly, pregnant women, children, youth and adults - and you can even share your own story.

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention ~ this is a local place with a wealth of resources, as well as a detailed breakdown of various offices in different cities and small towns across Canada.

Help Guide ~  I was drawn to this particular site because it specifically focuses on teens struggling with depression. Not only does it offer valuable information for teens, it also offers resources and guidance for parents, caregivers and others close to young people living with depression.

Mental Health America ~ This organization is doing the same sort of work as the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, except that it focuses more on USA support. I believe there are International affiliates to be researched on the website as well. A visitor can find self-help, help for others or just simply to get information to understand.

TMS Therapy in Edmonton ~ I was personally drawn to this clinic not only because it is local, but also because I have been in contact with patients and those who work there regarding their treatment. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, is a non-traditional form of therapy that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate under-active brain cells. This helps activate the cells to work more efficiently. We were actually advised to pursue this form of therapy for our children who have SPD as a way to calm the brain enough to be able to 'unscramble' messages not getting properly read or processed.

Shift ~ This is also a local association that focuses on anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other similar disorders. Not only is there wonderful advice and resources, they also offer a list of various forms of traditional and non-traditional therapies to further research and explore.

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