Monday, September 3, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ Embracing Life with John Lennon

It's a gloomy day here, so I thought we could use a bit of sunshine (yes, that is a different Beatles song but I'm saving it for another post).

One thing I love about John Lennon is that his words had meaning and deep reflection of what he was experiencing at the time. I remember in a documentary about his life he told a guy who'd camped out on his property for days, just for the chance to talk to John, how deeply his lyrics affected him. John's response: "I write about what's going on in my life at the time whether it's life with Yoko, if I'm pissed off with something or if I've had a good s**t today. They were just words. If someone can relate those words to their own lives in some way, that's great. I don't expect people to revolve their own s**t around what I write."

Then he asked the guy if he was hungry, took him into his house and he and Yoko fed him. He cared very much about others, about fairness, about equality and about his family. He was very open with his fans (after Beatlemania) and always took the time to sign autographs, have a quick chat or even pose for pictures. And despite what John said to that guy, his music did affect and resonate with others or it still wouldn't be played today.

This is one of my favorites. It's very honest, revealing and open. And with everything that has been going on around here lately, I thought it was an appropriate song to highlight today. What I've always taken away with me with John's music, and the rest of the Beatles is:

Remember the good, the bad and the ugly and take from those experiences what you need to move on and/or make other changes in your life.
Don't dwell on anything, just keep it there to learn from.
Always keep those who mean most to you as close as you can and who inspire you to stay on your life's path and make you want to go even higher.
Release the negativity that brings you down, as well as the people who try pulling you back.
Don't hold on to regrets, mistakes or poor choices, but don't forget them. Use them as reminders of why you are where you are now and congratulate yourself of the accomplishments you've achieved.

That's why his words weren't 'just words' to me. He went through crap like all of us have and are, but always did what he wanted to do in the way he wanted to. And I admired him for that.

Happy Monday!

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