Saturday, September 15, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday - Treasuring Special Moments With Your Children

One of the times I treasure most with my four children is any time I can squeeze in 'just Mom time' with each of them. Even if it's just during the travel time to an appointment, these are moments I truly value.

I have two teens, a preteen and a tween. I remember when they were very small, we had to get up and go to wherever we needed to all together because each of them was too young at the time to leave them on their own. As frustrating as it could be at times, I look back on those days with a smile. They still needed their Mama, and wanted me to be there, in almost every way.

Obviously, teens don't 'need' their Mama the way the used to. Neither do preteens. They grow, develop their independence, learn their responsibilities and, for the most part, can handle most things on their own. They know Mama is still here, and I know they still need me to be. It's just needing me on a different level than before. It's hard to let go but, at the same time, I am so proud of the young people they have become.

That being said, I still have my youngest, who is ten. Although she can do a lot of things on her own, she still needs that part of Mama that the others don't need quite as much. That's why I treasure the times we have together walking to and from school together. It isn't always pleasant, as the weather isn't always on our side, but even in high winds, rain, cold, snow or sweltering hot, we both enjoy our Mama time together.

We talk about our days, what's coming up for the rest of the week or on the weekend. We talk about funny things that happened during the day. We talk through any issues she had to face, and how she handled it. And we laugh at what others might think is silly, like leaves flying all over the place or when our ears and noses get red when it's chilly.

Until she comes to the day where she too will say, 'It's okay, Mama. I can do it myself.', I will make these times ours until I have to let her go too.

That's our writing prompt for today. Through all the arguing, organizing, getting them to clean their rooms or do chores (making you a 'bad Mama/Dad'), there are those special times that warm the heart and bring us back to why we have these wonderful blessings in our lives.

Enjoy your writing time today.


  1. So true that kids need the Mama time. As a mother and although my children are grown, I really need this alone time with my kids!

    1. I'll remember that. I am already sad that my kiddos don't need me the way they used to, and they're all still here. But I assure myself they'll always need me in some way. And I'll always be here with open arms. :)


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