Monday, October 8, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ Celebrating Friendship With Ringo

Well, this is the end of our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend and this is the first time I've had all day to do my post.

I've decided that this week's theme is going to be on friendship. Best friends, school friends, live-long friends, long distance friends...ALL scenario of friends.

I don't have a tremendous amount of people that I actually call true 'friends'. I have acquaintances. I have people I'm connected with through my work. I have a lot of people I know well, but don't meet up with very often. But a 'friend' is very different.

Our friends are those that we've gone through thick and thin with. Who've seen us at our absolute worst and still talk to us. They've seen us at the best we can be, and cheer us on. They may not agree with a decision we make, but they will support it 100%. They don't lie to you, put you down, stab you in the back or take from you. They don't take personal things they've either gone through with you or that you've share with them and use them to their advantage. They, like all of us should do, leave the past in the past and never throw it back in your face. They hug you just at that moment when you didn't realize you needed one. They call to say, 'Hey. I haven't heard from you in awhile. How are things going?', and they truly want to know.


Sophie and I picked the perfect song by the perfect Beatle to remind us that true friends are there no matter the distance, how busy life gets or what else may be going on. Celebrate friends with us today.

Hit it, Ringo! ->

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