Monday, November 19, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ Everybody Hurts...Hold On

For those who have followed us for awhile, through all of our changes and updates, you know how we like to roll on our Monday segment.

When I came up with the idea for Music Mantra Monday, it was a way to explore the many avenues we go down in our music. Many of us gravitate to that one genre that 'speaks' to us and we stick close to it. I 'get' that. It's where you have always found, and continue to find, that peace in your life. Others of us branch out into many different genres, seeing how each can bring different views and perspectives that make music so meaningful to our lives.

I consider myself a person in the latter group.

I drift to a specific song, not necessarily because it's from my tiny handful of personal favorites (::cough:: Beatles ::cough::), but more by how the lyrics and melody touches me on a certain day. Many times when I get up in the morning, I'll share a song on here that closely reflects the mood and thoughts I started off with that day.

I'm a girl whose mind never shuts off. Ever. Ask anyone who knows me well. In a way, it's an amazing thing because the ideas I get for my work are never-ending. In the other way, it really makes sleep a rare thing, which can be rather harmful health-wise. That's why, when my mind is going non-stop, I slow it down to focus on one thought plaguing me the most and deal with it in my own creative way.

So, as I flipped through my huge music collection this morning for inspiration, I came across this song. And after enduring a rather stressful, worrisome, emotional and sleepless weekend, I was oddly able to shut my mind off for the few minutes duration of the song. Now, each person takes from a song what they need to at a given time and none of us interprets it the same way. In fact, our interpretation of the song is probably way off base of what message the artist was originally trying to give. But that's okay. Even my John Lennon, who was extremely open about...well...everything, said that he just wrote songs. Period. It could have been about how he felt when he got up, what was happening in that moment the song came to mind or if , in his words, "I had a good shit today". He often said that if someone could relate it to whatever is going on in their own lives, that's great. But his intention was simply sharing what was on his brilliant mind.

That is what inspired my song choice today. It forced me to deal with the thoughts and emotions I woke up with. Everybody hurts. Everyone is going through crap on different levels, and sometimes it can seem too overwhelming to see past that mountain of crap. But...hold on. We all cry, get angry, make poor choices or decisions, feeling taken for granted, experience loss of one kind or another or are faced with challenges, big and small. It's how you cope with those things that gets you through to the end, and the wisdom to understand how to refocus your energies on who and what truly matters to you the most.

Hold on.

(Watch this video for sure. It is very powerful and I'm sure you can each take something away from it to guide you through the rest of your day.)

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