Monday, November 5, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ It Feels Like A Beatley Day Today

Alright, I don't have to tell anyone out there how much I love the Beatles. They have been a part of my life since I was in utero. In fact, they are so intertwined with my childhood, upbringing and, now, being a parent that I can relate every one of their songs to specific moments.

I've researched this band and its members as deep as I can possibly go without actually having sat down with any of the original guys. And yet I still wouldn't be able to tell you how they have managed to stay with us decade after music trend after so many other bands and musicians have joined the music scene only to disappear after awhile.

Personally, I think it has something to do with the guys themselves. They are (it's still 'are' because we still have two with us) so talented, so passionate about their music and always have a tremendous respect for one another, even through the toughest times. To me, that's what truly makes up a great band. I mean, you can throw a bunch of musicians together and get them to play music, maybe even make an album or two. But there's no heart in what they're doing, and fans can read that.

I think it's a tremendous gift for tribute bands out there to keep the Beatles and their music alive and kicking. Not only are they creating a strong fan base for themselves, and doing what they love and respect to boot, they are opening up a door from the past for new generations. How fantastic is that?

Now, I am, and will always be, a hardcore Beatles fan. So you can imagine how very against tribute bands I was.  I just always felt that the Beatles are the Beatles...write your own music, dammit! Then I discovered a beautiful bunch of guys called The Fab Fourever (who is Canada's #1 Beatles Tribute Band). They opened my mind to the realization that tribute bands aren't simply trying to make money off of someone else's work. They are doing what they do out of love and respect. And, hey. As long as you stay true to the original music, don't change it to suit the decade we're in and see them the same way the Fab Fourever do? We'll get along just fine. :)

I got to see 'my boys' this past weekend. I often joke that Beatley goodness comes to me right when I need it the most. To cheer me up, to build me up, to make me stronger, to instill inspiration, to help me heal or just to lose myself for a little while with others who absorb the same things from all that is Beatles.

The song I picked today is one of my oldest's favorites. Nothing makes me happier than when I can take my kids out to see Beatley bands and see them singing, dancing, laughing and simply enjoying themselves. And, yes. They've each been Beatles fans since utero too. πŸ˜‰

So get out there and enjoy some kind of Beatley goodness today feels like a Beatles Day today.

(Oh! And don't forget to check out the Fab Forever's website. They are more than worth your time.πŸ’–)

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