Saturday, November 17, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ I'm Here

It's funny how two little words can mean so much to another person.

They may not believe you. Maybe they've heard the words so many other times that when someone who's saying them truly means them, they can't bring themselves to trust them. And that could be the one time they need to hear them the most.

It's just as hard to say these words. There is a huge responsibility that goes along with giving them because they can be so easy to say like similar phrases such as, "I'll always believe in you." Or "I won't give up on you." Or even, "I love you." Telling someone you're there and that one time you can't be, for reasons beyond what you have control over, can result in something devastating and overwhelming.

But everyone needs to have that one person in their lives who believes in them. Someone who looks beyond what others see to what is really underneath. A person who doesn't see 'a problem', but more who sees a person who doesn't feel they have any other way they can cope. A gentle guide who listens, respects, tries to understand, offers empathy and unconditional caring and love. Once that person feels those things from another person, they can starting seeing themselves in the same light and allow themselves to heal.

It takes courage to be that individual who reaches out, and it takes strength to be the person being reached out to.

Do you know someone in this position? What would you say to him or her if he or she was willing to listen? How would you help that person see all they are, not who they've convinced themself they are? Even if you've tried to be that helping hand, and were refused, would you keep trying, and how?

That's our writing prompt for today. They aren't easy words to say, or hear, but they are ones that could possibly save someone who needs to hear them.

I'm Here.

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