Monday, December 31, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ Welcoming 2019 Without Feeling 'Lost'

Another year is about to come to an end. Like many of you out there, I've been doing a lot of reflection over all that I faced in 2018. And all I can say is that I'm so grateful to still be here.

Every year at this time, there is always a lot of talk about how crappy the past year was...all the awful things we've had to go through and face. Some things just happen...a part of the life we live. Other things we've allowed to happen...a part of the life we choose. Either way, the new year isn't really about making a massive change. It's about taking a look at all that's happened through wiser eyes and embracing the true blessing of another year to experience. It's about renewal and learning from what's happened to give us the strength to face what will happen. And even then we can't know everything that 'might' or 'will' happen. All we can do is enjoy each day for what it is and get through what comes our way the best we can.

Today's song choice is very special to me. Probably right up there with Blackbird. This is a song I used to sing to my kids when they were much younger and faced times they saw as much bigger than they were. It tells us that some of the things we have to go through can be truly unfair sometimes and we can feel 'lost' when right in the thick of it. But in the end, knowing that you have even just one person to turn to, that you aren't alone, can often give us the courage to stand back up after getting knocked down.

That sort of represents how I've always felt about this day. Sure, each of us probably did have to go through a few rough patches. For some of us the patches may have been so tough, it brought a damper on the past year as a whole.

I understand.

But seeing the new year to come as a chance for renewal...for growth...for hope...might help bring some enlightenment, inspiration and maybe some closure.

Join me in embracing the new year and all it has for us to face, good or bad. After all, we aren't really sure how many more opportunities we'll have left to welcome another new year. Reflect on what was, embrace what will be and accept any surprises we get along the way.

Each year is truly a blessing. And this year, I understand that more than ever.

Happy New Year!

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