Monday, December 17, 2018

Music Mantra Monday ~ You Are So Beautiful

I realize this is the week before Christmas, but I'll save that music tribute until next week's segment. Today, I woke up really needing to hear this particular song. And I'd love to share with you why it means so much to me.

This has to be one of the most simplistic, yet the most touching and meaningful song I know. It says everything that needs to be said in a few short sentences. Many of us relate this song to weddings or romantic interludes. You can totally understand. Can't you just picture the love of your life holding you close during your first dance as life partners? Or envision the loving set of eyes looking into yours while this song plays in the background?

Yeah. I know how to be cheesy and all that stuff. I just don't always show it often. 😉

When I hear this song, it brings back a different sort of memory for me. Without dwelling on the past too much, I grew up in an environment that took away from me a lot more than it gave me at times. That's why I was the girl in the background...that 'invisible girl' who kept to herself, never talked, never let others get too close. It really didn't matter to me. I chose to be that way because it was much easier to keep others at an arm's length than to let people in.

I struggled with oral communication tremendously, not because I didn't have anything to say but more because the thoughts rolling around in my head never came out the way I wanted them to be heard. But put me in front of a piano or give me a pen and paper (we used those back in the day...) and I could do/say/be anything. And if you really listened to me play, or took the time to read deeply into the words I wrote, you'd 'get' what I was feeling.

There were very few people I allowed to get close enough to know the 'real' me. One friend, though, not only took the time to get close, but she's also never allowed me to push her away no matter how hard I've tried.

On days when I struggled the most, but still wouldn't cry...when I hurt the most but refused to admit it...when I feared going home but no one asked why...when all I wanted to do was...give up, she sang this song to me.

I remember sitting on the floor staring out the second-floor windows at school when I should have been in class (the teachers stopped coming to find me to make me go back. They knew were to find me.), she'd come over and sit beside me. Most times, she never even had to say a word. WOn those days, when I only went to school as a place to escape to, and she knew things were really intolerable, all she did was put her hand on my knee and sing this song. If I came over to her house when stuff hit the fan at home, we'd go walk to 7-Eleven for a root beer flavored popsicle and she sang this song to me. And she sang it to me this past June when I was in the hospital.

See, I was always the one who tried to help others with my music and my words. She was the one who did the same for me. The only one who ever took time to, actually. She knew that was pretty much the only way to 'reach' me when I turned everything and everyone else away.

So today's post is dedicated to that dear friend, who is still there doing the same thing after almost 35 years of friendship.

Thank you for always being that person who always does and says so much, yet only needs very few words to say it all.

You are beautiful to me.

Feel free to share a song that brings back special memories of that one inspirational person in your life.

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