Saturday, December 29, 2018

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ New Year's Resolutions

Yesterday we had a nice, quiet day around here. The kids each did their own thing while I was able to catch up in some of my work.

After an hour or so of complete silence, which never happens around here unless no one is in the house, I went up to check up on what they were doing. When I got to my daughter's room, I peeked in to see them all laying on the floor writing. When my youngest noticed me in the doorway she beamed, "Look, mama. We're working on our New Year's Resolutions! Wanna hear mine?"

How sweet is that? And the things they came up with were great such as drinking more water, getting enough sleep during the school week, eating more healthy foods and adding more exercise to their routines. These were all attainable, logical and reachable goals that they would be quite capable of maintaining. They aren't making huge changes, but simply tweaking what they're already doing.

That's the whole goal of resolutions. It isn't about making total promises of change that often only get broken after a few weeks. It's about taking a look at what you're already doing and see how you can make things even better, happier and more healthy. If you're drinking water but promising to add a few more glasses in throughout the day, that's reachable. Eating more healthy foods is also attainable as you simply reach for a piece of fruit, raw veg or other healthy snacks more often than filling up with the empty calories from junk food. Behavioral changes can be more of a challenge, but remembering to think before speaking (in trying to taper down anger issues) or finding a creative activity to focus on rather than turning to maladaptive ways of coping (dealing with anxiety, stress or depression) are much easier to stick with.

Here's my list:

~ staying on top of my health issues and do what's in my power to deal with them
~ drinking less pop (my vice is 'bubble beverages')
~ allowing myself to take the rest I need when I need it
~ verbalizing, rather than internalizing, concerns I face
~ spending more quality time with my children
~ setting up realistic writing goals
~ volunteering some time each week to working with children and youth
~ cook one new meal a week

I think that's good to start. What about you? What sorts of goals are you going to set for the new year? I don't know about you but 2018 was a very tough year for us around here so I plan to make every day count in 2019.

Happy writing!

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