Saturday, January 26, 2019

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ Inspiring Our Youth Through Words

It's a special day today. My oldest child is celebrating her 16th Birthday.

Of course, I remember every tiny detail of her life to this point...cried when she struggled, laughed right alongside her when something was funny, cheered her on when she reached every goal she reached, no matter how small...all of the stuff we're supposed to as a parent.

I also remember being 16. It's a pretty tough time. Putting the obvious stuff to the side for a moment, this is a group of people who are stuck right in the middle of scrounging for independence and making their own mark in the world yet still being too young to be out there on their entirely on their own. They are pulled in different directions, each force feeding a different part of who they aspire to be. This is the most pivotal days in their lives as every decision, experience, relationship or situation will have a hand in how they deal with these things in their future. There's a lot more pressure there than we as adults are even aware of. Or maybe we are and have just lost touch with what those days were really like.

The decade we turned 16 in might have been a very different time than it has become, but the worries, pressures, and stresses are very much the same. We didn't want to hear back then what was 'best' for us or who is 'good' for us or what choices/decisions were 'right'. We wanted the freedom to figure things out on our own and the respect we deserved for being strong enough to push those boundaries to brave what was beyond them. How else would we have become who we are today?

So for today's segment, why don't you write a blog post, letter, story, novel idea that gives that underlying message? What would you say to a youth on their 16th year in their life? What inspiration would you give for them to stay true to who they are and what they believe in? How would you help them on their journey, but be there at their back when they may turn down a path different than you'd expected them to?

Inspire a youth through your words today. There is no other group of people who truly need it or deserve it more.

Happy writing!

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