Monday, February 11, 2019

Music Mantra Monday ~ '90's Music That Made A Difference

Welcome to our Monday segment.

The 1990's were an interesting time (for those old enough to remember them). It was a decade where everyone was really trying to figure out who they were, what they wanted and where they fit into the 'big picture'. The music scene was no different.

I remember rap becoming really popular back then, not that it wasn't for a long time before but there were artists who exploded onto the scene and really made a twist on this genre. There were angry, grunge bands throwing their voices out the ring in a way that teenagers really related to, and still do. The boy/girl bands at that time were fighting for top of the charts and it got to the point where we couldn't tell one of them from the other when they were played. And it was a time when hard-core drugs were front and center, resulting in the demise of some really great artists. Amid all of this, there were bands, like The Crash Test Dummies, who got their point across in such a gentle, subtle way they were often overlooked.

This band was wonderful not just because Brad Roberts had this amazing, hauntingly unique voice when most other artists were basically cookie cutter bands (same sound, same music, same dance videos, etc.), but more because they were just...genuine. They were who they were, sang what they sang and contributed to the music world in their own way. And they never changed their style to 'fit in' to what made a lot of money. They stayed true to their roots and to the image they wanted to put out.

This particular song was my favorite. I won't analyze it because, as with every song, each listener will take away something different when they listen to it. To me, it's about doing what you do because it matters to you. Just because you are famous or make tons of money, you still go home at the end of the day and, really, you are During a time where most other artists were preaching the opposite view, and we lost a lot of really great young people back then because of this mindset, bands like the Dummies quietly made their mark in their own way. And they were quite popular for that.

So today, I'm giving kudos to the bands out there whose messages are positive, inspiring, meaningful and elicit hope and who have no fear in being a face for certain issues. In today's world, we need more music like this out there than ever.

(I have a great story about Brad, but I'll save that for another post. ;) )

Have an awesome Monday!

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