Monday, December 16, 2019

Music Mantra Monday ~ Going Back In Time (Chopin Nocturne E Flat Major Op.9 No.2)

As many of you know, my love for music started in utero. We weren't exactly close but one thing I give her credit for was being a brilliant musician. I learned much of my musical abilities and passion for music from her. And today I a powerful memory came to me while simply watching a television show.

I had just taken my medication, which always makes me nauseous, and sat on the couch to calm down my stomach. I don't usually watch a lot of television but I have my "go-to" shows. I enjoy the older CSI shows, I love Murdoch Mysteries (yes, a true Canadian) and have recently started watching Flashpoint. What drew me to all of these shows is that the music behind the scenes. Today, the show revolved around a young girl who was dying from brain disease. She and her fiancee were going to do the Romeo and Juliet thing but were talked out of it in the end.

At the end of the episode, the above song played and actually brought tears to my eyes. See, many of you know that I started playing the piano when I was 2. My mother had a picture of me sitting on the piano bench with my curly blonde hair and the hugest Elton John shades I have ever seen (although they could have just looked bigger than usual because my face was so small). I taught myself to play this particular piece by Chopin by ear...listening to my mother. In fact, I learned to play many pieces of classical music that way. I was less than 10 when I learned it. I played it at several piano recitals and a competition.

It was one of the songs my grandfather used to ask me to play when I'd finished practicing all of my (icky) technique. These are the good memories I bring forward when life around me isn't as happy as it could be. Admittedly, I don't play like I used to; however, I thank God for giving me these gifts, my mother for nurturing them (even if at a distance most of the time) and my grandparents for encouraging them.

Never let go of the talents you are blessed with. They are with you always, especially when you need them most.

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