Saturday, January 18, 2020

Writing Prompt Saturday ~ Positive Words From A-Z

Wow. We've been going through the worst cold snap I can remember since moving to Alberta. All this week, it's been around -40 with the windchill. I believe we were even colder than some places up north from us! That's pretty cold.

Extremes in temperature seem to take a real toll on many of us, myself not excluded. I haven't has the motivation or energy to even come downstairs to my office and get some words out (that added to it's dang cold down here). So I thought I'd try something that might be good not only for me, but for anyone out there who may need a little positive boost to get moving today, no matter what Jack Frost says.

Several years ago now, one of my editors gave me a list of some wonderful replacement words to spice dialogue up a bit. I still refer to it to this day. Along the same lines, I am going to do a list of positive words to throw into your work here and there to give your piece a bit more subtle happy vibes. I call it "Positive Words From A-Z" and I think we can even use a couple of these in our day-to-day lives too.

Some of these may seem really simple but I think when we're down and out, we tend to focus more on the negative stuff which may be easier but certainly doesn't help the situation. So, here we go.

Happy Saturday!


A - able
B - brave
C - caring
D - delightful
E - energetic
F - fighter
G - gregarious
H - healing
I - intuitive
J - jovial
K - kind
L - loving
M - meritorious
N - nourishing
O - oasis
P - peaceable
Q - quemeful
R - rapturous
S - sumptuous
T - tenatious
U - undaunted
V - valiant
W - winsome
X - xenial
Y - yare
Z - zen

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