Monday, February 3, 2020

Music Mantra Monday - In My Life, I Loved You More

I had this song in my head all weekend. The song, and the lyrics, are reserved for a very special place in my heart. And, well, John Lennon is one of my favorite people.

I related a lot to him and the things he'd gone through. Plus, he was multi-talented and used those talents to get his message and words out. I admire that he came through it all. Sure, he made mistakes. No, he may not have always turned down the right path or made decisions everyone liked or agreed with. But he had the courage to be himself, to speak his mind and live his life unapologetically. That's a very rare thing to see all of those things rolled into one living being.

I have said many times here on the blog that creative distraction saved me, as I think it had done for John. These passions not only gave me something to stay positive about, but it also reminded me that I did have a place in this world, even if I wasn't always made to feel that way. I drowned myself in music because it kept me grounded and connected to the world around me. I wrote every thought, feeling and word flowing through my head because my voice was heard and mattered.

Like John, I may not have always gone down the right path or made decisions everyone agreed with or liked the way I do things or handle certain situations. I'm really okay with that because I am surrounded by the precious few who are also okay with that. Plus, in my heart, I am doing what I love and that is so comforting.

My creative distractions are my gifts from God; gifts that I have never, nor will ever, take for granted or turn my back on. People come and go but these gifts will always be a part of me whenever I need them the most.

Why not tune into your gifts more often?

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