Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Talk About It ~ Teen Dating Violence: Let's Make It Stop

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. I speak out on this subject every year as it hits a very personal button for me. I know many people, especially young people, who have had to endure this issue in silence because they are too afraid to tell someone else.

Dating violence is a form of control one person feels they have over another. The relationship usually starts off okay, then hints of things to be concerned about pop up. Maybe the other person raises their voice a bit more often than they should. Perhaps he or she gets angry about the tiniest things that there is really no need to get overly worked up over. Not too long after these events, instilling fear in the other person surfaces. This doesn't necessarily have to be physical either. It can also occur in the form of mental, emotional, psychological, verbal and sexual. If no intervention happens, the victim can be hurt in unimaginable ways and the damage done takes a long time to recover from, if they get out of it at all.

This is basically a crime, especially if the situation turns violent and abusive. No one has any right to think they have control over another living being. And this isn't exclusive to females. It can happen to men and in every sort of relationship.

There are things we can do to bring this issue to light so that we can help someone too frightened to speak out for themselves or cry out for help. Remember: Not all bruises or other signs of abuse can be seen on the outside. Most are on the inside and much more difficult to get over.

Please, visit the LOVE IS RESPECT website and see what you can do to help. Even if all you do is share the message, it is helping someone.

We'll be touching more on this issue throughout the month.

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