Sunday, May 10, 2020

Gardening With Kids ~ Starting New

I wasn't going to plant a garden this year. I guess, admittedly, I have allowed the negative energy around all of us right now to make its way into my usual positive perspective. But after a little inner chat, I decided there were three things this awful worldwide scare wasn't going to take away from me: my passions, my hopes, and my joys.

My passions are the creative activities I turn to that help calm my soul ~ music, writing, and nature.

My hopes are what I do on a daily basis to maintain my existence I've been blessed enough to have ~ health, meditation and inner peace.

My joys are, quite simply, anything and everything I do with and for my children. They are my life source and my reason to stay strong and keep living. Their happiness is what I strive for every day and what keeps me strong enough to keep moving forward.

That all being said, gardening is a way to have a sprinkle of all of those things together. I was fortunate to have been surrounded by nature my entire childhood and have had my own children create beautiful and bountiful gardens with me where we can laugh, share, and create new life together.

So, join us every Sunday for fun times in our garden. I'm no expert, but maybe we can pass along some tips to get you gardening with your kids. :)

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