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I am excited to introduce you all to my newest book, The Sensory Processing Diet: One Mom's Path of Creating Brain, Body, and Nutritional Health for Children with SPD

I am certainly no expert but I am a mom who has done everything within my power not only to understanding this disorder but also how it affects each individual and family who copes with it. One thing I learned is that to truly understand a condition, such as SPD, is to understand how the unaffected brain works to truly understand how the disorder interferes with this functioning. With that complete knowledge, parents can fully appreciate how all the exercises and routines they learn from their occupational therapists help their child learn and grow right alongside their peers and be all they were meant to be.

Please note that this is not a book about losing weight through diet. This is a book about the importance of body, brain, and nutritional health to coping with SPD. Each child will have their own Sensory Diet that works for him or her and this book emphasizes its importance. It is the combination of these elements that create the whole our children need.

This project was several years in the making so I am very excited to finally share it with sensational parents everywhere who may feel they are alone in their own SPD journey.


Reviews, Interviews and Special News:

~ Thank you to my wonderful publisher and friend, Victor, who has highlighted the book on his blog: https://www.lhpress.com/2020/11/22/midwest-book-review-on-the-sensory-processing-diet-by-chynna-laird/

~ Here's a wonderful review from Susan Bethany at Midwest Book Review: https://www.midwestbookreview.com/rbw/nov_20.htm#susanbethany

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