About Lily Wolf Words

Lily Wolf Words is a trademark freelance writing company I run from my home. It's named in loving memory of my grandparents, Lillian and Wilf Batty. They were the one constant in my life when I was growing up. Sadly, they didn't live long enough to see me achieve my dream of becoming writer and author--but I know they're watching me from wherever they are.

With their name fronting my company, they will always be a part of it and will be an inspiration to me to keep going even on my most frustrating day. They, as well as my three girls (Jaimie, ten; Jordhan, eight; and baby Sophie, four-and-a-half); and my beautiful baby boy (Xander, six), are tremendous influences in my writing and from whom I draw ideas.

What began as a way to share my words with the world, as well as to supplement our household income, has turned into my small way to help special needs children and families. Watching Jaimie and Xander's struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and the lack of knowledge and/or understanding on the subject, has inspired me to focus a great deal of my writing time on helping to bring about awareness on SPD. I also like to write about sujbects other people may not want to discuss but, I feel, need to be.

A portion of earnings through Lily Wolf Words will be donated to the SPD Foundation to assist Dr. Lucy Miller with her crucial SPD research. This is my small way to help make this happen so all children like Jaimie will have the understanding and respect they deserve. I also support a local charity, Zebra House, that helps children who have been abused and otherwise victimized (see our page for Zebra House).

Please review the "Published Work" section to see published pieces as well as each page for my books. And please be sure to check out the links to the different affiliates and help us make a difference to children and families living with SPD and other special needs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.


My grandparents, Wilf and Lillian.

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