Not Just Spirited

Chynna's memoir, Not Just Spirited: A Mother's Sensational Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), is about what life is really like to raise a child with SPD.

The book, with its brand-new cover for 2020, describes a mother's frustration of knowing something is wrong with her child, but not being able to help her because no one would believe her behaviour was anything more than that: behaviour. But no matter what the obstacles were, no matter how strong the resistance, Chynna fought to be heard for her child's sake and finally won.

Chynna uses her experiences to help other parents get the help they need and to inspire them to tell their own stories. Not only will parents be able to relate to elements of Chynna's story, they will get the "inside scoop" on what to watch for when suspecting there's a problem, when to get help and how to get people to listen, what the assessments, diagnosis and therapy processes are like and what it's like at home with these often misunderstood and misdiagnosed children. Chynna also shares the pain of raising a child with a severe "no touch" rule. She calls it, "Mothering without touch."

We will post updates as we receive them regarding publication date, who'll be writing the forward and other fun and exciting things.

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***Not Just Spirited has been included in a college dissertation! Details to follow.
***Not Just Spirited is available in Kindle format too! Now you can take this beautiful memoir with you everywhere you go!
***Not Just Spirited receives TWO more award nods! Chynna is excited to announce that her already award-winning memoir is NOW an Award-Winning Finalist in both the "Health: Psychology/Mental Health" and "Parenting/Family: Reference" categories of the "Best Books 2010" Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. Congratulations, Chynna!
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