Passing Loop

I am elated to announce that Passing Loop has been signed on with Loving, Healing Press as of May 2020. Thanks to Victor Volkman for his ongoing support and encouragement of my work. Stay tuned!
I've put up snippets of the completed manuscript from my Young/New Adult, Contemporary, Coming-of-Age novel Passing Loop. I'm really hoping to find the best home for this story, and due to some attention that it has been given lately, I thought I would create a page for it.

This is a story I've had playing in my head for over a year. I finally took the time, working around all of my other projects, to sit down and get the story out.

This is a story of acceptance of change on many levels told through the eyes of seventeen-year-old Chrissella Cantenelli. A big city girl from Toronto, she was more than reluctant to move to the small town of Melville with her mother, Enya, to care for her feisty Scottish grandmother, Lily Gran, after the old woman fell and broke her hip.

"You can make me go, but you can't make me like it," Chrissella told her mother before they left Toronto and she certainly made this stand clear...for the first while after their move.

From almost the day Chrissella and Enya arrive, hints of the true reasons for the move slowly reveal themselves forcing these three very strong women, each stuck in their own views and ways of living, to join forces and bond.

In order to accept the future, they each have to deal with what has passed.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of this story that made me laugh, cry, pray and cheer as I wrote it. And one day, I hope to share the completed project with you all.

Stay tuned!


What's Going On With Passing Loop?

* Check out this reading from the first chapter read by Kat Smiley, Narrator, with Novel Writing Festival.

* I did a Q&A about the creation of Passing Loop with Matthew Tofolo. (Thanks, Matthew!)

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