Chicken Soup For The Soul: Jaimie and I will be featured in an edition featuring stories about Special Needs Children. Be sure to pick up your copy today. Proceeds from this book go to the Aiken/Bubel foundation.

* Chynna's memoir called, "Not Just Spirted: A Mom's Sensational Journey With Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)" is now available (Loving, Healing Press)! See the "Chynna's Books" page for details.

*As some of you may know, I have written a novel entitled, Out Of Sync. It's a thriller and I entered the Prologue and first chapter in a suspense contest. Click here to be taken for a glimpse. I will warn you though...the book has been professionally edited since I'd entered that chapter in the contest so parts of it read differently now. But it DOES give you a sense of what my novel is all about. Who knows? Maybe you'll see the entire book on the shelves soon!

*I have a story in Cup Of Comfort For Parents of Special Needs Children. If you've read "The Gift," in other sections on the site, you'll already be familiar with the story. It's on the bookshelves now so be sure to get a copy today. I will also have a story in the Cup of Comfort For Fathers, which is now available.

*I have another interview with Mary Rosenblum that is included in the 2010 edition of Novel & Short Story Writer's Market. For those of you Science Fiction writers out there, you'll find our chat most insightful and inspirational. I'll keep you posted as to when it'll be coming out!

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