29Secrets: This is a fun Zine for women focusing on health, relationships, fashion and all the other areas of interest important to today's woman. Check out some of the fun articles I've written over there.

Amaze Magazine: I am so fortunate to have been asked to be a contributing writer to this awesome eZine. It's all about organic, holistic, natural living. The new issue is up at the beginning of each month and with subject categories covering everything from thriving to what's the latest on earth friendly to family and amazing kids, there's something for everyone. Come check us out!

A Wild Ride: "The Gift" is featured on this wonderful resource for parents of children with challenging issues (behavioral, physical, emotional, etc.) It's a place where parents can get information, reach out to one another, offer/give cyber hugs of understanding or just vent. Our website will also be included in their resource section. What an honor!

Autism Support Network: To my surprise, one of the articles I wrote for Parenting Special Needs was put up on this online website resource for families with autistic children.
carrieanddanielle.com: This is a holistic, inspirational mom site. I'm honored to contribute to this site. Here's the link to view my articles!

Comfort Cafe: Marianne Miles writes a regular column on Comfort Cafe which features stories and articles geared to families and children with special needs. She featured an article using a letter I wrote about Jaimie and our struggles through her treatment. This is a beautiful tribute and we're so grateful we have people praying for us. It means more to us than they'll ever know.

Hybrid Mom: This awesome online magazine's motto is: "Work. Play. Live." It's targeted to Moms to inspire them to be all they can be, and more. I wrote an article for them called, "A Model For 'Me Time'" which discusses how we should always remember to take time for us somewhere in our busy lives.

ParentGuide: This top-notch parenting magazine featured an article I wrote in their November 2008 issue on how to tell whether your child is "just spirited" or if they have sensory sensitivities. Click here to read it!

Parenting Special Needs: I am so excited and proud to be a part of this phenomenal zine for parents of special needs children. I'll be contributing to this wonderful resource on a regular basis. Please see the review in our "Sensory Resources" section over on The Gift blog.

Prevention.com: I wrote a how-to article on how to eat healthy on vacation.

Positively Autism: Chynna contributed to the fabulous Autism resource Positively Autism. She hopes to contribute again in the future. =)

Sensible Life: This is a wonderful publication which focuses on the positive things we can do to improve our lives and our outlooks on life. A story I wrote about my Grandmother's struggle with Alzheimer's is now up on their People section. Please click here to read it. (This same story was considered for a Cup of Comfort book!)

This I Believe: I love this site. It's filled with inspirational stories from people all over the world on their ideas of what can make the world a better place to live in. Although the story I'd sent them won't be included in one of their anthologies, I can be accessed through their site.

Women's Touch: For this Christian ezine, I wrote an article on how to help heal through forgiveness.

WOW: Check out this article I wrote as Contributing Editor.


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