Online Work

Here are links to some work I have published online:

** Check out Chynna's contribution to Hartley Steiner's 30 Stories in 30 Days series. Thank you, Hartley, for the opportunity.

** Long Ridge Writers' Group: (Making The Sale)

* wiseGEEK: Well I've put a few articles out on this site too. They pay about $10 per article and, honestly, for you writers out there just getting your work out there it's a great place to start. Here are a few samples of what they want there:

* PsychCentral: I am very proud and honored to be a part of this website. Not only have I had my book, White Elephants, reviewed and been made a part of their book resources, I have been able to contribute an article for their library called, "Not Just For Attention". This is an important piece for anyone living with, or dealing with, youth depression and suicide.

* Parents Special Needs: I wrote an article about the healing power of music by sharing a beautiful review and interview.

* Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists: This article is a parent's perspective of how occupational therapy helps children with SPD.

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