Dark Water

DARK WATER is the first book in The Watcher series. The story stemmed from a dream I had about being completely distraught and submerging myself in water. I have always found this element healing, so the message in my dream was almost overwhemling. The next day, I 'Googled' Native water healing and came across Brenda MacIntyre's website. She played a song called, 'Crystal Clear' and the music, lyrics and drumming seemed to play out the message in my dream. Hence, 'The Watcher' series was born.

There are answers found beneath the surface...join me in finding them. <3



Here are some wonderful reviews from the Canadian AMAZON.
And a few from the American AMAZON.

LATEST: I am so proud, and honored, to announce that Dark Water (The Watcher Series) won first place in its category with the Canticleer Writing Competitions. Thank you so much at Canticleer for giving the book a chance. And a special thank you to all of you out there who've taken the time to read the book. NOW...on to the next book in the series...

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