White Elephants

Chynna is thrilled to announce that her fourth book, "White Elephants" has been taken up by the fabulous editors at Silver Boomer Books. (Thanks SO MUCH, ladies!!!)

This is a project that has been in the works for many years and the subject is close to Chynna's heart. Most people know Chynna for her passion about raising awareness for families living with SPD. But she also speaks out for those living with mental illness, particularly depression, Bipolar Disorder, and anxiety.

Her heart-wrenching memoir discusses what it's like living with someone who refuses to accept or treat her illness. And it is Chynna's hope that her experiences will show others the importance of getting properly diagnosed and treating for any mental illness.

Do you want to see a sample chapter from the book? Click HERE!

Would you like a place where you can reach out to other people raising or living with someone who has bipolar, depression or other mood/mental disorders? Join The White Elephants Blog.


* White Elephants will soon be available in Kindle format! We'll keep you posted.


* White Elephants has gotten some FANTASTIC reviews. Check them out HERE.

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